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How to use “Have fun in Kansai“

Have fun in Kansai

Overview of Have fun in Kansai​


The "Have fun in Kansai" is a ticket that can be used at 3 or 6 of the participating stores with one ticket.

There are two types of passes: one that can be used at 3 facilities and the other one that can be used at 6 facilities. Please purchase the one, which you like.

Ticket contents, include admission tickets and coupons, vary different from the participating stores.

For more details, please let check the Travel Contents app or official website.  *Links to another site

 How to Get

① Purchase “Have Fun in Kansai”


Purchase it on travel site the above.

For more information, please let check on each travel site.

② Receive the “Have Fun in Kansai” by e-mail


Receive “Have Fun in Kansai” by e-mail and keep it until you use.

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